Leave of Absence for Staff

COVID-19 Related EFML for Staff Employees

Expanded Family Medical Leave (EFML):

You  are unable to work due to a school or place of care closing due to COVID-19 precautions. More information:

  • Up to 12 workweeks
  • The first two workweeks of expanded family and medical leave are unpaid, but employees may elect to use emergency paid sick leave, their existing paid accruals, or UC’s expanded paid administrative leave during this time.
  • After the first two workweeks have elapsed, the employee will receive up to 10 workweeks of paid expanded family and medical leave for the hours they would have been scheduled to work.
  • Health care workers and emergency responders are not eligible to take expanded family and medical leave. All other employees are eligible if they have been on the University’s payroll for the 30 calendar days immediately prior to the day that their leave would begin.


Employees are encouraged to communicate their need for leave that is directly related to school or place of care closure to their supervisor.

Please work with your supervisor to complete the UC Employee Request for Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) and/or Expanded Family Medical Leave (EFML)(Revised 10/12/20)
The supervisor submits this form as part of a leave request in ServiceNow
Human Resources Services > Leave Administration > 
EFML Department Request
Submit EFML questions through ServiceNow.
Human Resources Services > Leave Administration > EFML Questions
Type of Leave When to request this leave?

Medical Leave

Leave is needed for your OWN health condition.

Non-Medical Leave

To care for a family member with a serious health condition

Parental Leave/ Baby bonding for the birth/ placement/ adoption of a child

Personal Leave

Military related Leave

Bereavement/ Death of a Family Member

Other non-medical leaves

Pregnancy/ Maternity Leave

Leave is needed due to pregnancy-related incapacity, prenatal care and/or birth.

EFML: Child Care/School Closure

You are unable to work becauses you are caring for your child/ren whose school or place of care has closed due to COVID -19 precautions.

Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program Request

Absence from work creates a catastrophic financial situation and donated vacation hours are requested.

Workers’ Compensation

Leave is needed due to a work-related injury. Please contact Workers’ Compensation 

Please note: To request vacation please contact your supervisor/department representative responsible for coordinating vacation requests.

Requesting a Leave of Absence

Request Leave

When you click the link (above) to request leave you will be redirected to the HR ServiceNow portal. To help us provide you with effective and timely customer service, please login to the secure portal using your UCSBNetID and password.

If you do not know your UCSBNetID and/or password, or are unable to login, please contact the ETSC service center at: http://etsc.ucsb.edu or call (805) 893-5000.

Academic Leaves

Leaves for Academic titles are administered through Academic Personnel: https://ap.ucsb.edu

Workers' Compensation

The leave of absence information described here is NOT applicable to a work-related injury. When a leave of absence is needed because of a work-related injury, please contact Workers’ Compensation

Any information on this site should be read concurrently with the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) or appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement. If you have additional questions after reviewing the material, please contact the Leave of Absence Coordinator.