We are your resource for guidance and coordination when you need to be away from work for your own medical condition, including pregnancy, the medical condition of a family member, military leave, or for parental bonding.

The leave of absence information described here is NOT applicable to a work-related injury.
When a leave of absence is needed because of a work-related injury, please contact Workers’ Compensation.


UC Leave Options Expand to Include Time Off for Reproductive Loss

Starting January 1, 2024, UC’s leave options have expanded to provide eligible employees with up to five days of protected leave following a reproductive loss. Please see the UCnet article for more details. To submit questions or request a leave, please submit a request through HR ServiceNow > Leave Administration.

* Leaves for Academic titles are administered through Academic Personnel, please click here for Academic Personnel.

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Submit a ticket in HR ServiceNow to request a leave.

If you do not know your UCSBNetID and/or password, or are unable to login, please contact
the ITS service center at: https://ithelp.ucsb.edu or call (805) 893-5000.

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