Employees may be eligible for UCSB Tuition Assistance programs, or other Tuition Discounts.


UCSB Extension 

Employee discounts on course fees for Extension courses are provided to University staff and faculty in order to encourage campus employee development and foster closer relationships between Extension and other UCSB campus units.


UC Degree Programs
Reduced Fee Enrollment

Eligible employees receive a two-thirds reduction on University Registration and Education fees. This reduced fee enrollment is available each regular quarter for up to three (3) classes or nine (9) units, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee.

This benefit does not apply to University Extension or Summer Session courses.  It also does not provide access to student services and facilities normally provided through the University Registration Fee (such as the Counseling Center, Student Health Services, sports facilities, etc.) unless the employee is otherwise entitled to them.

See eligibility requirements and application instructions below.

Dilling Yang Staff Scholarship Program

Scholarships may be used for registration and educational fees for courses, training and other learning opportunities offered at UCSB. Examples include undergraduate and graduate courses, Extension courses (including Open Enrollment), UCSB HR Training and Development courses and workshops (e.g. Supervisory Certificate Program courses, Management Development Series, and SkillsMap courses.)

To apply login to the HR ServiceNow portal, click on "Training & Development" and follow the instructions.

Eligibility Requirements - Reduced Fee Enrollment

  • Career Staff employee (or Staff Retiree entitled to regular retirement benefits).
  • Probation period completed as of the quarter’s Instruction Begin date.
  • Admission as a regular session student to the University of California.
  • Enrolled in no more than three (3) regular session courses or nine (9) units, whichever provides the greater benefit.
  • Reduced Fee Enrollment Application submitted no later than 15 days after instruction begins.
  • Department has approved request.


  • This program does NOT apply to Academic, Contract, Limited or Casual/Restricted (student) employees.
  • Employee must be on regular pay status (i.e., NOT on leave without pay).
  • Employees are ONLY eligible for the current quarter (no retroactivity for prior quarters).

Application Procedure - Reduced Fee Enrollment

  1. Employee applies for admission (contact the Admissions Office for information).
  2. Employees login to the HR ServiceNow portal, click on Benefits and submits the Reduced Fee Enrollment Application.
  3. Human Resources determines employee’s eligibility and (if eligible) notifies Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid and the Graduate Division. Human Resources notifies employee of application status.
  4. Registrar’s Office applies 2/3’s reduction to registration and education fees as a credit on employee’s BARC (Billing, Accounts Receivable and Collections) account, which the employee can view on the GOLD (Gauchos On-Line Data) system.