Career Tracks is the framework and job architecture for policy-covered titles that aligns jobs to respective labor markets by occupation.  Career Tracks makes it easier for employees to identify and develop career paths and contains well defined job standards.

Mapping Tools

The following list of tools are available to assist you in understanding the new Career Tracks structure, as well as, in classifying and mapping positions to Career Tracks:

Job Families and Functions At-a-Glance

Job Function Summaries

Job Categories and Levels

Examples of Represented Work by Function

Supervisor Decision Tree

Manager Mapping Scope Supplement



Employee General Training Presentation (rolled out in April 2018):

Career Tracks (CT) Employee Training Presentation (slides) File icon

Career Tracks (CT) Employee Training Presentation (video) Video icon

Manager and Control Point Training Presentation (rolled out in April 2018):

Career Tracks (CT) Implementation Briefing File icon

Career Tracks Manager Tool Kit File icon

Career Tracks (CT) Implementation Briefing Video icon

Other Training Resources:

          CT FAQ Handout File icon

          Employee Drop-In Handout File icon