Job Standards

The UC Career Tracks (CT) job standards replaced the old UC Series Concepts for policy covered positions in May of 2018.  Each CT job standard describes the scope, key responsibilities, and the knowledge, skill and ability requirements of the job levels within a job function. These job standards provide information that can be used to create or enhance job descriptions and are also used as job classification tools.

Series Concepts

The UC Series Concepts are written job standards and guidelines for union-represented job titles. Each Series Concept contains a summary description of the series (a.k.a. job family), short descriptions of each level within the series (a.k.a. level-cutter descriptions), and minimum requirements. Some of the series are quite old, but the general guidelines still apply. There are system-wide series concepts and locally developed series concepts.


Job Standards

To access the Career Tracks job standards (UCSB netID is required):

Log into Job Builder --> Click Here for the URL <--

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  1. Use your UCSB netID and password    
  2. On the HomePage, under the Quick Links section on the right, click on the CT Job Standards quick link:

    CT job stds quick link image
  3. Click on the 3-dot menu and select a Job Family or Function. Then click the View Side-by-Side button: 

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System-wide Series Concepts

UC Systemwide Series Concepts

"Series Concepts" are written job standards and specifications for the various job families that we use at the University of California. The UC Office of the President maintains a near-complete listing of these specifications for use by all the campuses. You can search for series concepts by keyword, title name or title code at the location above.

Please note: Job Standards/Series Concepts for titles that were initially created in Career Tracks but later accreted into a union can be found on the UC Systemwide Series Concepts site above (examples are BTSA, Couns Psych and Student Health Physician). 




UCSB Only - Local Series Concepts

The following series concepts have been developed specifically for UCSB: