e-Performance Memo - December 2, 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 TO:      Campus Community

 FR:       Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources

Preparing for Performance Evaluations and the Rollout of ePerformance
for Policy-Covered (Non-Represented) Staff

This memo is to remind the campus community that two important and exciting changes are on the horizon with respect to performance evaluations for policy-covered staff.  The first change introduces the new paper-based performance evaluation form that will be due on March 31st, 2021.  The second important change introduces the new web-based ePerformance module for performance evaluations that will be due in March 2022 for policy-covered staff.

As you may recall from my prior announcements, ePerformance is an interactive web-based process that is a module in UCPath.  ePerformance will replace the paper-based performance evaluation form in 2022 and beyond.  Additionally, ePerformance incorporates goal setting and checkpoint meetings within the new 12-month performance cycle which will run from April 1st to March 31st in each year going forward.

In order to provide you with detailed information about these upcoming changes, Human Resources will host several kickoff sessions via Zoom to share more specific information about the ePerformance module, the new process, and the new form.  Policy-covered staff and those who supervise policy-covered staff should attend one of these informational sessions.  Please mark your calendars with one of these dates and plan to join us to learn more. 

  1. Tuesday, January 12th from 10am to 11:30am
  2. Wednesday, January 13th from 2pm to 3:30pm
  3. Thursday, January 14th from 2pm to 3:30pm

Links to these live Zoom webinars will be provided in future communications. 

We look forward to sharing more about our transition to ePerformance and how it supports a performance development mindset!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

TO:      Campus Community

FR:       Garry Mac Pherson, Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
             Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources

Announcing a New Performance Evaluation Form and Process for Policy-Covered Staff for FY2020-21

As the start of the new fiscal year quickly approaches on July 1st, Human Resources is excited to announce that a new performance evaluation form and process for policy-covered (non-represented) staff will be rolled out for FY2020-21.  The new form and process was developed over a five-month period with valuable input from a cross campus work group that began meeting in January 2020.  The new design of the form and process supports a performance development approach for our staff and moves away from an annual performance lookback process.  Our objective was to simplify the form and incorporate goal-based, forward looking, coaching conversations during the year.  

The reasons for these changes are important.  Our current performance evaluation form and process have been in place for seven years and it was time for our campus to modernize our approach to support the shift to performance development.  Secondly, in April 2021, Human Resources will deploy ePerformance, a module in UCPath, which incorporates the new form into an interactive web-based performance feedback process, eliminating the need for paper forms.  Lastly, this new approach creates alignment between our campus process and UC’s Performance Management Model and UC’s Integrated Talent Management Model.  This fresh approach, coupled with the new technology of ePeformance, sets the stage for a modern performance development program at UC Santa Barbara for future years.  Information about the new form and the new process, and how those elements build the foundation for our transition to ePerformance in April 2021 will be posted soon on the Human Resources website.  Human Resources will follow up with additional communications providing details on these topics within the next couple of weeks.

Additionally, we want to share that a select group of campus departments have volunteered to be early adopters of the ePerformance module in UCPath.  These campus departments will begin using ePerformance in two waves:  the first group in July and a second group in October.  These early adopters will provide feedback and help ensure that our training and communication materials are ready for the campuswide roll-out of ePerformance in April 2021.

We also want to express our appreciation to the members of our Performance Evaluation Redesign Work Group for their valued input in developing the new form and process.  With the support and participation of these individuals, we gained valuable insights that have been incorporated into the new form and process.  We also want to thank the Program Management Office (PMO) team members who are providing their expertise and technical support for our phased deployment of ePerformance over the next ten months.  We look forward to sharing more details in the weeks and months to come.

Performance Evaluation Redesign Work Group Members

Bryna Bock, UCEAP
Monica Dussert, EH&S
Anjum Fitch, ASTD
Alex Garcia-Suarez, LTSC
Alejandra Greene, DEVL
Christine Griffin, ICBT
Amy Jacobs, HDAE
Robin Jenneve, ELEG
Mira Lazaro, ENGR
Laura Lee, DFSS
Amanda Maffett, HASC
Shalauna Miller, HDAE
Mike Moore, ELEG
Lynne Pritchard, PSYC
Dorothy Satomi, LTSC
Carolyn Sheehan, MSII
Sharon Terry, POLS
Shilo Tucker, PHYS
Christian Villasenor, EXOF
Amy Arnold, HR
Sarah Soto, HR
Tara Wise, HR

PMO Team Members

Maria Ayllon
Tim Buchanan
Darrell Littleberry