Managing Probationary Employees

As part of the selection and hiring process, most career-level employees in Professional & Support Staff (PSS) positions are considered probationary employees for their first six months of university employment. This six month timeframe is calculated under the applicable University policy or union contract.  This period provides management time to assess whether the new employees' skills, performance, and reliability fit their position and merit continuation of university employment. Note: Management level employees in Manager & Senior Professional (MSP) titles do not have a probationary period.

Management is encouraged to make full use of the probationary period to assess a new employee's fit for the particular position as well as overall University employment. Management should immediately meet with a new employee to clearly explain expectations for performance, attendance and conduct as then provide feedback to the employee on a frequent and regular basis throughout the probationary period.

After employees complete their probation period, they become career employees and do not have another probationary period unless a break in University employment occurs.

Performance Evaluations During Probationary Period

In most cases, probationary employees should receive at least one written performance evaluation during the probationary period. Please consult the applicable University Policy or union contract that applies to the employee’s job title for more information about these requirements.

Completion of Probationary Period

At the conclusion of the probationary period, the employee should receive written notification of the successful completion of the probationary period.  Notification can be via email. No special form is required.

Extension of Probationary Period

In some case, management may wish to extend an employee’s probation by an additional three months. Management is required to consult with Employee & Labor Relations prior to extending an employee’s probationary period, via an HR ServiceNow request (select Employee and Labor Relations > Department Advisory Services).

Management is encouraged to contact Employee & Labor Relations as soon as extension of an employee’s probationary period is contemplated but no later than two weeks before the scheduled end of the probationary period. Probationary employees must be advised, in writing (email is acceptable), of the reasons for the extension before the probationary period ends. No special form is required.

Probationary Release

Probationary employees are at-will and may be released, with or without cause, during probation. Employees being released must receive written notification, pursuant to the requirements of the applicable University policy or union contract.

Management is required to consult with Employee & Labor Relations before making the decision to release an employee (via an HR ServiceNow request -- select Employee and Labor Relations > Department Advisory Services). Further guidance on communication with the employee will be provided.