Two types of cash award programs can be administered by each UC campus - Incentive Award Programs and Staff Recognition Award Programs. UCSB only offers two recognition award programs (a.k.a. STAR award programs) for staff employees and does not offer an Incentive Award Program for employees.  


Staff Appreciation and
Recognition (STAR) Awards

UCSB provides two different STAR award programs for staff employees:

1. UCSB Staff Assembly's Annual Staff Citation of Excellence Awards Program; and

2. UCSB Chancellor's Sustainability Committee Staff Sustainability Recognition Awards Program.


Incentive Awards

UCSB does not offer an incentive award program for staff or student employees. 


Non-Cash Awards
and other Gifts

There are other ways of recognizing and rewarding staff and student employees with non-cash awards and other gifts. Please consult the UC Business and Finance Bulletin G-41 for policies and guidelines on issuing non-cash awards and other gifts (such as gift cards) to staff employees. 


Stipends can not be issued to staff as a form of recognition, appreciation, reward or bonus. Stipends can only be given to staff employees according to the temporary administrative stipend policy guidelines found in PPSM 30: Compensation. Generally speaking, temporary administrative stipends may be requested for policy-covered staff employees when they spend a significant portion of time, for 30 days or longer, performing duties that are classifiable at a higher level or that are at the same classification level, but significantly different than what they normally do.  Please consult the applicable collective bargaining contract for the policy pertaining to represented employees.