The First Year Experience is a 8-course follow-up to your New Employee Orientation. The FYE will help you navigate your first year as UC Santa Barbara staff and will invite you to explore the vast opportunities and support services available to YOU and your newly hired colleagues.

Join us monthly via Zoom and get to know fellow newbie‘s and trusted facilitators from across our campus community!

Although this program was created with a new employee in mind, these learning experiences have proven to be useful at all levels and are open to all staff.

FYE Learning Experiences + 2024 Schedule

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We’ve Got you Covered:
Professional Development

Professional Development

Discover HR Training Courses and PACE programs available during/after the workday. Learn how to fund the dream of continuing training and development!

June 5, 2024
August 21, 2024



Get Moving with TPS:
Transportation Alternatives

Alternative Transportation (TPS)

Explore all the different options to find your way to our beautiful campus...parking permits your only avenue! Enjoy 1:1 guidance based on your typical commute.

April 17, 2024
September 4, 2024



Here For You:
Employee Services, Benefits and Beyond

Employee Services

Explore all the different resources available to you through Employee Services.

April 3, 2024
August 7, 2024



Get Connected, Stay Connected:
Staff Groups

Staff Groups

Engage with the diverse staff groups on campus. Learn all the ways to get connected and find your much- needed community!

July 10, 2024
December 4, 2024



Performance Matters:
Maximize Your Performance

Performance Matters

Discover ways to share your accomplishments and communicate a year in the life of your career in dialogue with your supervisor. Invest in your performance, it matters.

March 20, 2024
November 6, 2024



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:
Expand Your DEI Vocabulary

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

How we talk about diversity, equity and inclusion matters. This learning experience will welcome you to feel seen, heard, challenged, connected and transformed.

October 16, 2024



The Relationship and You:
Working with Faculty

Working with Faculty

Create an open communication channel, build buy-in around your work, and learn how to become the owner of the staff/faculty relationship.

June 26, 2024
September 18, 2024



Where Beauty Meets Brilliance:
All the Very Best UCSB has to Offer

The Perks of UC Santa Barbara

An introduction to all the very best of UCSB and all the perks campus has to offer outside of the workspace.

March 6, 2024
October 2, 2024

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