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Generally, all employees may accrue vacation, compensatory time and sick hours to use for paid time off. Employees are also generally eligible for Holiday pay. The amount of paid leave accrued is determined by your title/pay plan, percentage of time and the amount of qualified service credit. Specific information on how to calculate paid time off and determine usage of that time is available in the applicable University policy or collective bargaining agreement. The resources on this page, provide general guidance and assistance for understanding the calculation of paid leaves.


Paid Time Off Resources



Including administrative, bereavement, blood donation, catastrophic, jury duty, and military, may also be available. Visit the Leave Administration page or contact Leave Administration through HR ServiceNow.

Unpaid Time Off Resources

You may be eligible for unpaid time off, depending on the applicable University policy or collective bargaining agreement.

  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave
  • Parental Bonding Leave
  • Personal Leave of Absence
  • Pregnancy Leave

Visit the Leave Administration page or contact Leave Administration through HR ServiceNow

Service Credit

Service Credit is used for determining vacation accrual rate and time towards service awards. About Vacation Service Credit
If you have questions about your Service Credit, submit a ticket to HR ServiceNow and select the Service Credit option.

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Vacation Service Credit

Used for determining vacation accrual rate and time towards service awards.
Determined by calculating sum of all months of qualifying service. A month of qualifying service is a month on pay status at 50% time or more. Service need not be continuous and may include staff and academic service at:

  • University of California
  • California State University
  • State of California service (including Hastings College of the Law)
  • Department of Energy Laboratories

Retirement Service Credit

Generally, employees earn one year of service credit for a year of full-time work. Part-time or variable-time work earns a proportionate amount of service credit. For example, a member who works 50% time for one year receives one-half year of service credit. Employees do not earn service credit for overtime or other work outside their normal, regular appointment.

Service Credit

Used for layoff and reduction in time purposes.
Generally, seniority is calculated by fulltime-equivalent months (or hours) of University service. Employment prior to a break in service is not counted. (See individual policy or contract for specific policies.)