TO: Department Heads, Managers, and Business Officers

FR: Kathy Moore, Compensation Manager, Human Resources

RE: Wage Increase for Employees Represented by SX/AFSCME


*****This message is being sent on behalf of Kathy Moore. Please do not reply to this message.*****

The following pre-negotiated wage increase will be implemented by the UCPath center, in collaboration with HR, in mid-October. No action is required by the department.

Bargaining Unit

Wage Increase

Effective Date of Increase

Scheduled Pay Date Reflecting New Rate

Notes on Eligibility


3% Across the board

10/01/2023 for BW 10/01/2023 for MO

10/25/2023 for BW 11/01/2023 for MO

All SX employees


Employees on Unpaid Leave or Short Work Break:  Increases for eligible employees on unpaid leave of absence or short work break will be included in this process.  No further action is needed by the department. The increase will become effective the date the employee returns from unpaid leave/short work break.

For more information about planned increases for represented employees, please refer to the Wage Increases section of the HR Website. If you have any other questions, please contact Amy Arnold at or me at

Thank you.