DT:        April 26, 2023

TO:       Department Heads, Managers, and Business Officers

FR:       Ann Marie Musto, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer

RE:      2023/2024 ePerformance Cycle for Policy-Covered (Non-Represented) Staff

The 2023/2024 ePerformance cycle for policy-covered (non-represented) staff began April 1, 2023.  The evaluation documents for this cycle are now available.

Eligible Employees

Currently, career and partial-year career employees (policy-covered) are included in ePerformance.  If you wish to include your department’s contract employees, please submit an HR/ServiceNow ticket to Staff Position Management and Workforce Administration. We will create the performance documents for those employees.

Please note: Represented employees are not included in ePerformance. Please refer to the HR website for instructions on performance development for represented employees.

Step 1: Define Criteria (a.k.a. Goal Setting) - Due May 1, 2023

Now is the time to meet and discuss goals.  Both the supervisor and employee have the ability to enter goals into the Define Criteria section of the evaluation document.  Before completing the Define Criteria section, the supervisor and employee should agree on the goals for the performance cycle.  Once goals are established, the supervisor should finalize and complete the Define Criteria section which will advance the process to check-in 1 (which is due in the Fall).

ePerformance Due Dates

The due dates are auto-populated in the system, however, there is some flexibility with those dates.  Though missing a due date will not negatively impact an employee, we highly recommend, as a best practice, to not stretch more than two weeks beyond the deadline to complete and submit.  As an example, if the deadline for completing Define Criteria is May 1, 2023, we recommend completing that step on or about May 1, but no later than May 15, 2023.

During the course of this evaluation cycle, we will send reminder communications regarding the next steps in the ePerformance process, including check-ins 1 and 2Finalize Criteria, and the Self-Evaluation/Manager Evaluation.  

Performance Development Resources

Human Resources offers refresher training on how to navigate the Define Criteria section of ePerformance.  The refresher can be viewed here Define Criteria Demonstration.

For tips on creating meaningful goals, please refer to Goal Setting Reference - Tips for Creating Meaningful Goals.

For general information on performance management, please refer to the Performance Development page on the Human Resources website.


Human Resources is always available to assist with questions. We ask that you please submit an HR/ServiceNow ticket to Staff Position Management and Workforce Administration and a member of our team will connect directly with you.

Thank you,