Tuesday, January 15 2019

TO:     Deans, Department Heads, and Business Officers

FR:      Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources

RE:     HR Guidelines for Implementing Paid Emergency Leave

Out of concern for our employees who reside in the evacuation areas, we are offering guidance regarding available options for employees and departments in the event that emergency leave and/or other support services are required.  Information concerning the recent evacuation orders issued by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is available at: https://readysbc.org/

These guidelines are intended to explain and supplement the Absence from Work Policy, PPSM 2.210, Section III.F.1. for policy-covered staff as well as the applicable collective bargaining agreements for represented staff where similar provisions exist.

Implementing Procedures for Administrative Pay for Emergencies

Paid emergency leave may be approved to alleviate the personal hardships for staff unable to report to work due to the evacuation orders.

Eligibility:  Staff residing in the mandatory evacuation zones preventing them from reporting to work may be eligible for paid emergency leave. These guidelines apply to both policy-covered and represented staff.

Approval Process:  Eligible staff should contact their supervisors or department heads as soon as possible to discuss their work status. Administrators are asked to exercise maximum flexibility for staff who are enduring hardships as a result of the evacuation orders.  The Chancellor has authorized managers to approve the one-time use of one day (for January 15, 2019) of paid emergency leave for staff who meet the eligibility criteria.  We will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates to the guidelines as necessary.

Departments with questions regarding staff who are impacted in the evacuation zones and requesting assistance should contact Sydney Roberts, Employee & Labor Relations Specialist, at extension 4210.

The professionals in the Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) are available to assist all UCSB employees with the impact of these circumstances.  More information is available at:  asap or by calling 893-3318.