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Transactions involving filled positions are initiated and approved in the PayPath component of UCPath  (including position data changes, job data changes, and additional pay).  These transactions are written directly to the system and saved upon department approval. PayPath Actions do NOT route to the UCPath Center.

NOTE:  You must navigate to the last tab (Additional Pay) in order to Save and Submit the transaction.
Transactional users can find job aids, handouts, training slides, UCPath news, FAQs, etc. on the page.

PayPath Navigation

PeopleSoft Homepage > Workforce Administration > HR Tasks > Paypath/Additional Pay > PayPath Actions

PayPath Actions

PayPath allows historic, current or future updates in Position Data and Job Data. Most questions can be answered by using the resources below or submitting a ticket to HR ServiceNow. PayPath actions should be conducted within the appropriate biweekly and monthly timeframes. 

Quarterly FREEZE DATES for BW/MO PayPath Transactions


NOTE:  Certain transactions may require UC Path Center (UCPC) assistance, including retro changes and position data changes when the effective date is already used. Submit an Inquiry in UCPath to open a case with UCPC. You can update just one page (for example, Position Data only) or more than one page (for example, Position Data AND Job Data) in this component. Job Data changes can be made independent of a position data change. However, if a position data change is made, PayPath automatically updates the Job Data tab to display the new position information.

Go to for job aids, handouts, training slides, UCPath news, and FAQs.


It is possible to update more than one field per effective date so long as the updates are in the same transaction. Once you use an effective date on position, that date cannot be used again on the position unless you submit an inquiry to UCPC along with a Position Update form requesting the update.

NOTE:  If the employee is in a multi-headcount position the fields on the Position Data tab are view-only and you cannot enter changes; however, you can still enter Job Data changes. Changes to the position tab on multi-headcount positions are updated by submitting a ticket to HR ServiceNow.


The Job Data tab allows multiple transactions per effective date. These are managed by effective sequence.

Use the Job Data tab for job-related updates.

  •     Job Data updates are initiated for employees in either single or multi-headcount positions.
  •     Remember in multi-headcount positions, a change to the job data impacts only the incumbent.
  •     If an employee has more than one job, each job must be updated individually.
  •     Reason codes dictate which fields are either display-only or open for editing.


Additional pay transactions manage recurring additional pay. These transactions may use multiple effective dates in the same PayPath Action.

Additional pay is entered as a flat per pay period amount. All prorated payments should be calculated prior to entering the flat amount.

PayPath allows for a variety of transactions. The site includes job aids, handouts, training slides, FAQs, UCPath news, and more.