TO:  UC Santa Barbara Staff Colleagues

 FR:   Jane Gama, CSAC Marketing Chair

        On behalf of the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council

 RE:  CSAC Chats hosts Associate Ombuds Don Lubach, Ph.D.: January 12, 2023, 10-11 am, Zoom


CSAC Chats:

CSAC Chats was created to amplify our campus colleagues' good work while providing you the space to grow. Tune in to separate one-hour discussions led by campus experts in their field.


An Ombuds Guide to good communication, career advocacy, and doing good work in a new era:

In our time together, we will discuss UCSB in the “before” time – when we had fewer face masks and more certainty. Now that we are in a period of lean staffing, remote work and teaching, and actual inflation, how have our conversations about work and career changed? Are you poised to propose a new way to do business in your unit? Do you feel like your duties have escalated while your salary has remained? Are you wondering how to retain your direct reports? All of these 2023 situations call for good communication. We’ll use our time together to consider how we communicate and navigate this uncertainty together.


About the Facilitator:

Don Lubach, sometimes known as UC Santa Barbara’s chief enthusiast, will share some perspectives from his Ombuds view of the campus (a vista wider than even the view from atop Storke Tower.)


Don Lubach, Ph.D., serves as an Associate Ombuds. His mission is to help all members of the community to communicate effectively.  Don has held several positions at UC Barbara, including Associate Director of Career Services, Lecturer, Associate Dean of Students, job developer, KCSB DJ, instructional film producer, tour guide, and plate washer.


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