TO: UCSB Staff and Faculty

FR: Pati Montojo, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) Manager, Human Resources

RE: ASAP Wellness Workshop (In Person)– Finding Emotional Balance Through Breath, Sound, and Somatic Awareness


Date and Time: Tuesday, November 28th at 12:10pm to 12:50pm

Location: Pearl Chase Park (Next to University Centennial House and Lot 6, in front of the lagoon off of Lagoon Rd.)


Are you needing more emotional balance?

Studies have shown singing bowls and breathwork significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Several cultures have used sound as a form of healing and emotional wellness. We can deepen this experience by tuning into the body and tracking sensations somatically. This workshop will focus on finding stillness through breath, sound meditation, and connecting to somatic experiences to improve our psychological well-being. Join us for a 40-minute in person experiential sound healing workshop geared towards finding emotional balance.

*Please dress warm and bring something comfortable to sit or lay on.

Presented by:

Melissa Cordero, Psy.D., RYT, SEP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)