TO: Campus Community

FR: Lisa Romero, Director of Employee Services, Human Resources

RE: Anthem Blue Cross contract negotiations 


We understand there is information that has been shared by Cottage Health related to the negotiations of a successor contract with Anthem Blue Cross.  Similar to past years in negotiating a contract, information is shared regarding a termination date which is several months away. 

The UC Self-Funded Health Plans team is closely monitoring the negotiation between Anthem and Cottage Health. In the event a contract termination does occur, the UC Self-Funded Health Plans team will consider additional steps to ensure access to Cottage Health is not interrupted.  

Additionally, Anthem is also negotiating with UC Health, however this does not impact UC’s PPO Plans administered by Anthem- UC Care, UC HSP Plan and CORE plan. These plans are governed by a separate UC-Anthem agreement. Members of these plans can continue to see their UC provider and facilities as usual.

The Kaiser Permanente (HMO) and Health Net Blue & Gold (HMO) are not impacted by either of these contract negotiations.

We understand your concerns and will continue to provide updates during the upcoming months.  Please reach out to me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


Thank you,