TO:        Campus Community

FR:         Lisa Romero, Interim Director, Human Resources

RE:       Temporary change to vacation accrual maximum ends June 30, 2022 

As a reminder, the vacation accrual maximum in UC’s Absence from Work policy (PPSM-2.210), was temporarily lifted effective June 1, 2020, to allow policy-covered staff more time to use their accrued vacation leave to bring their accrual below the maximum. That temporary change was extended through June 30, 2022, by President Michael V. Drake, M.D.  


Starting July 1, 2022, policy-covered staff who are over their maximum vacation leave accrual limit — and who have already been provided with at least an additional four months within which to take vacation leave during the temporary change approved by President Drake — will no longer accrue additional vacation leave until they bring their vacation leave balance below their maximum.

If you have questions about your accrued vacation please contact your supervisor.

Additional information is available on UCnet


Thank you.