TO:  Staff, Faculty and Academic employees 

FR:  Shira Minerd, Work-Life Resource Coordinator, Human Resources

RE: Financial Literacy Month: Final events this week


2022 Financial Literacy Month Events

We have had an excellent Financial Literacy Month so far! Join us for this last week of programming to learn more about our local housing resources, budgeting at all stages of your career, as well as retirement planning. 

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TODAY! April 26 


The UC Retirement Process

Thinking about retiring July 1? This is a do not miss event! 

Step by step process and directions on what to do next.  

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Wed, April 27

12:00 – 1:00pm 

Coastal Housing Partnership & The homebuying process

The first half of the hour we’ll explore housing benefits available to UCSB employees through the Coastal Housing Partnership. Benefits include savings when renting (as well as the rental search site), purchasing a home, or refinancing a mortgage, and home buying education. Stay for the rest of the hour for guidance through the home buying process.

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Wed, April 27


Fidelity Presents: Maximizing Your Social Security 

Retirement Benefits

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Thurs, April 28


Create a Budget, Ditch Your Debt, and Start Building 

for the Future

Tips and tools to help you get a handle on spending and borrowing, including how to develop a smart budget and ways to manage debt.

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