TO:  UC Santa Barbara Staff Colleagues

 FR:   Jane Gama, Employee Engagement Specialist.  On behalf of the Staff Engagement Workgroup (SEW)

RE:  Engagement Initiative: Why I Stay


The Staff Engagement Workgroup (SEW) is excited to promote the newest staff engagement initiative, Why I Stay. This initiative will address staff engagement and retention while providing the campus community with the opportunity to connect through storytelling.

SEW has discerned two significant themes needing improvement: increasing morale and retention. A platform where staff can share their personal stories will lend itself to a sense of belonging, thus boosting morale. These stories may support staff to feel more connected and supported. The goal is to share these testimonials to ensure that we connect our work to the campus mission.

SEW Mission + Vision:

SEW is a blended committee of campus staff groups and at-large staff members to facilitate individual employee engagement by translating survey results into actionable items. We nurture employee engagement by creating initiatives that support employee empowerment, career development, and retention to promote a meaningful work culture for all employees.

Additional SEW Campus-Wide Initiatives:

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  • UCSB Staff TShirts
  • Did You Know
  • Service Milestone Celebration
  • Shoreline
  • SuperGroup


Ready to Share Your Story?

SEW would love to hear testimonials about why you work at UCSB. Please share your story and motivation to work at UC Santa Barbara. To participate, access the Why I Stay Google form today!