TO:  Campus Community

 FR:      Lisa Romero, Interim Director, Human Resources

 RE:     Salary Program Guidelines for Non-Represented (Policy Covered) Staff (FY2021-2022)


The following guidelines are intended to assist with the implementation of the salary program for non-represented career PSS and MSP staff[i]

 Salary Program

The University of California authorizes a 3.0 percent general salary increase for eligible non-represented career PSS and MSP staff. 


Non-represented career PSS and MSP staff are eligible to participate in the salary program if:

·  Appointed to a career position on or before January 4, 2021; and

·  On pay status or approved leave on July 1, 2021 for monthly paid, or June 27, 2021 for biweekly paid employees.

·  Transfers from another UC location are eligible assuming no break in service and the above eligibility criteria is met.

Excluded from the salary program are:

·  Non-represented PSS and MSP staff in limited, contract, or per diem appointments.

·  Student employees in casual-restricted appointments.

·  Employees covered under collective bargaining agreements.


Additional Considerations

The eligibility criteria set forth the minimum requirements for a general salary increase, however, additional factors may apply, including employees with a recent performance rating of less than satisfactory may be excluded in consultation with Human Resources/Employee and Labor Relations.

 Effective Dates

·  July 1, 2021 for monthly paid non-represented staff.

·  June 27, 2021 for biweekly paid non-represented staff.

Salary Ranges

The Career Tracks salary grade structure will be adjusted approximately by 2%, in accordance with the salary program effective dates.  All salaries after the salary increase are to be within range, i.e., no increase should result in the final salary exceeding the range maximum and no salary should fall below the range minimum.


The department is responsible for covering the salary increase for:

·  non-core funded positions;

·  limited and contract appointments that require pay adjustments to bring the pay rate up to the new minimum of the range; and

·  career appointments ineligible for the general salary increase but require a pay adjustment to bring the pay rate up to the new minimum of the range.

The fund source(s) used for the salary increase should be the same fund source(s) from which the employee is paid.  No funding will be available for range adjustments associated with current open provisions.  Specific questions concerning funding for the salary program should be directed to Ambar Campos, Budget & Planning. Ambar.

 Implementation in UCPath

Human Resources will centrally coordinate the salary program with the UCPath Center. Specific administrative instructions including timelines will be communicated separately as soon as available.

 Web Resources

Salary program communications, guidelines and FAQs can be found on the HR website.


Questions regarding the salary program should be submitted via HR Service Now Ticket => Classification & Compensation => General Questions.  


  [1] Non-represented career staff includes individuals whose career appointment is in the Professional and Support Staff (PSS) personnel program and the Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) personnel program.  Eligibility of SMG members are subject to applicable SMG policies and guidelines.