TO:     Campus Community

FR:     Lisa Romero, Interim Director, Human Resources

RE:     Notice of Formal Review/Employee Comment PPSM-2.210  
The University of California is proposing revisions to PPSM-2.210 (Absence from Work) Pay For Family Care and Bonding, which applies to staff employees in the Professional & Support Staff, Managers & Senior Professionals, and Senior Management Group personnel groups.


PPSM-2.210 has been updated to include language that describes the new Pay for Family Care and Bonding option, which will be implemented on July 1, 2021. Please note that only the sections of the Absence from Work policy that were updated as part of this review are included.

 The proposed policy revisions are attached in redline and clean versions.

 Employees covered by this policy who wish to provide comments on the proposed revisions may submit them to Debbie Hudgens (by email at by April 24, 2021