TO:       Staff, Faculty and Academic Employees 

FR:       Lisa Romero, Interim Director, Human Resources

RE:       Extended COVID-19 Relief for UC’s Flexible Spending Accounts  

Many of our plans have been upended due to the COVID-19 pandemic — including plans for routine doctor and dentist visits, child care and our kids’ favorite summer camp. With all of this disruption, employees may have ended 2020 with money in their Health and Dependent Care Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) that they weren’t able to use.

UC has approved some important temporary changes to support employees who are at risk of losing their FSA contributions because they’ve been unable to obtain eligible services during the pandemic.

Highlights of these important temporary changes are: 

  • The full remaining balance of unused Health FSA funds will be carried over from the 2020 plan year to 2021 plan year (not limited to $550 as announced last year).  

  • The grace period for the 2020 DepCare plan year is extended to 12 months after the end of the 2020 plan year, until December 31, 2021. 

  • The maximum age for eligible dependents under DepCare is temporarily increased to those under 14 years of age.    

  • Beginning March 15, 2021, eligible employees will be allowed to modify their plan year 2021 elections prospectively for Health FSA and DepCare plans, as follows: 

    • Cancel their 2021 participation

    • Make a new election for 2021

    • Change their 2021 election 

For more detailed information, FAQ’s and specific steps on how to make modifications to the Health FSA and DepCare plans, please visit the UCnet website Extended COVID-19 Relief for Your Flexible Spending Accounts.   

For benefits questions, please submit an HR Service Now Ticket: Submit a Request or Question to HR ServiceNow > Employee Services > Benefits Administration > Benefits Education and Eligibility Questions.