TO:  UC Santa Barbara Staff Colleagues

FR:   Jane Gama, Employee Engagement Specialist, On behalf of Staff Engagement Workgroup

RE:  Call for Nominations: Staff Engagement Workgroup (SEW) 


The Staff Engagement Workgroup (SEW) is excited to announce the inaugural self-nomination period. SEW is designed to increase visibility, provide community support, advocacy and education, and foster campus engagement for UC Santa Barbara staff. The formal self-nomination process will enable the group to become a cross-section representation of staff across our campus community.

Commitment Overview:

Serving on SEW necessitates a two-year commitment from incoming candidates. Term begins September 2021. Candidates will contribute to staff engagement survey result evaluation, communication, development and implementation of proposed campus-wide initiatives.

SEW Campus-Wide Initiatives:

  • Gaucho Voice Staff Edition
  • UCSB Staff TShirts
  • Did You Know
  • Service Milestone Celebration
  • Shoreline
  • SuperGroup

 Ready to Make a Difference?

Self-Nomination Form is accepted during the nomination period of June 29-July 30, 2021. Candidates will receive email notification no later than August 2, 2021.