Thursday, January 3 2019

TO:      Campus Community

FR:       Cynthia Señeriz, Director, Human Resources

RE:       PPSM Policy Updates – PPSM Policies 66 and 81

The University has completed the employee comment phase and the proposed changes to PPSM 66:  Medical Separation and PPSM 81: Reasonable Accommodation are now in effect.  The updated systemwide policies are posted at: 

PPSM 66 and PPSM 81 underwent full review in October 2018 by the Office of the President, and all comments received were evaluated and incorporated into the policy where appropriate. Language in both policies was expanded, clarified, and reformatted throughout.

PPSM 66 revisions include adding the definitions of "Disability," "Extended Sick Leave," and "Interactive Process" to provide clearer guidance. "Special Reappointment" was changed to "Special Reemployment" and text was added in Section III.F to provide more guidance regarding this process. Duplicative language was removed from Section V.

The definition of "Disability" was also added in Section II of PPSM 81 and "Special Selection" was changed to "Reassignment" in Section III.D to reduce confusion.

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Delo, Workplace Accommodations Coordinator, by phone at extension 8571 or by email at