Monday, February 4 2019

TO:  Campus Community

FR:  Kirsten Olson, Ph.D., Academic and Staff Assistance Program Manager, Human Resources

RE:  ASAP Wellness Workshop:  What's It All For?  The Role of Purpose, Mattering, and Coherence In Cultivating a Meaningful Life

Date and Time:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 12:05-12:55 pm
Location:  Human Resources Learning Center, 3101 Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building (SAASB)
RSVP: or (805) 893-3318

Meaning in life is associated with subjective well-being, physical health, quality of life, work adjustment, and social attractiveness!  A lack of meaning is associated with Psychological distress and depression.  The purpose of this presentation is to describe the research on three important facets of a meaningful life, specifically purpose/goals, mattering, and coherence (making sense of life events) and to offer strategies for increasing a "felt sense" of meaning in your life.

Participants will learn about:
• The importance of meaning in life
• Sources of meaning
• How to increase a "felt sense" of meaning in life
Presented by Heidi Zetzer, Ph.D.