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Templates are used for hiring, transferring, termination, retirement, and making updates to an employee's personal data and are initiated in the “Smart HR Transactions” component of UCPath. Each template provides the fields necessary to complete the transaction all in one place. Be sure to select the staff-specific version of the template you need to initiate.

Template transactions are initiated at the department level, approved in the department, and fulfilled by the UCPath Center; these templates do not route through UCSB's HR department.

NOTE:  Transactional users can find job aids, handouts, training slides, news, FAQs, etc. on the page.

Smart HR Template Transaction Navigations

PeopleSoft Homepage > Workforce Administration > HR Tasks > Smart HR Templates > Smart HR Transactions

  • Check the details of your transaction and its approval status on campus in SS Smart Transactions:
    PeopleSoft Homepage > Workforce Administration > HR Tasks > Smart HR Templates > SS Smart HR Transactions
  • Check if UCPC has fulfilled your template transaction by using the Transaction Status component:
    PeopleSoft Homepage > Workforce Administration > HR Tasks > Smart HR Templates > Transaction Status


Selecting a Template

Review the templates described here to determine which is best for the situation you are processing.
Hiring Template Matrix

Use each template under the following circumstances:

Full Hire Template

  • New Hires
  • First time hiring a former staff employee as an academic (use reason code: rehire)
  • First time hiring a former academic employee as staff (use reason code: rehire)
  • Hiring someone from another UC campus or medical center

Rehire Template

  • Hiring a former staff employee
  • Re-hiring a staff employee whose job inadvertently auto-terminated (Use the Rehire/Reinstatement Template)

Concurrent Hire Template

  • When a staff or academic employee adds an additional job, which is concurrent to his or her existing job with UC.
  • As part of an inter-location transfer (between campuses)


INTRA-Campus Transfer

  • Employee transfers from one position to another at UCSB, within the same department.

INTRA-Campus Transfer

  • Employee transfers from one position to another at UCSB between different departments.

INTER-Campus Transfer

  • Employee transfers from one position to another at a different CAMPUS.

* The terms inter-location, inter-campus, and inter-business unit are used interchangeably


Initiate a voluntary termination template when:

  • An employee resigns their UC employment
  • As one part of an Inter-Campus

Initiate an involuntary termination template when:

  • It is necessary to terminate an employee
  • It is necessary to lay off an employee
  • You learn of the death of an employee.


Initiate a retirement template when an employee decides to retire. This template is unique to retirements and only one template needs to processed even if an employee is retiring from more than one job at the UC.

  • One retirement template is used for both academic and staff employees.
  • When UCPC WFA Production receives a retirement transaction, they retire the employee from all UC jobs.


Employees can enter their own personal data changes via the UCPath portal by using either Employee Actions or
PeopleSoft > Self Service > Personal Information (Employees can also access their Benefits or Payroll and Compensation)

Updates include:

  • Name
  • Personal email
  • Emergency contacts
  • Home and mailing address
  • Employee disclosures
  • Phone number
  • Ethnic groups
  • Military status
  • Disability status
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number