Volunteer staff appointments without salary are to be utilized whenever an individual volunteers their assistance or services to the University and receives no compensation. Individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to the University provide an important service to the University and help further its mission of teaching, research and public service. In turn, volunteers gain valuable experiences and a sense of personal satisfaction.

UC Santa Barbara Guidelines for Volunteer Services 

The UCSB Guidelines for Volunteer Services are intended to help promote a productive, safe and mutually beneficial environment for volunteers and for the campus by setting appropriate expectations and clarifying roles and responsibilities for both volunteers and their sponsoring department or unit.

A volunteer donates his or her time and energy without receiving financial or material gain. Guidelines exist for volunteers in the public and nonprofit sectors in which payment of minimum wage or overtime would not be necessary. For an individual to be considered to be a volunteer, the following must all apply:

  • Work toward public service, religious or humanitarian objectives; and
  • Does not expect or receive compensation for services; and
  • Does not displace any employees. Under FLSA regulations, an individual cannot volunteer services to perform the same type of services as those provided by employees.

Reminder: If the individual is to perform critical functions, a criminal history record check is to be completed.

For further information, including the UCSB Volunteer Information Form and UC Waiver of Liability visit: