Engage With Us and Each Other

There is absolutely no wrong way to have fun! 
We welcome you to engage at every level imaginable. Select an item below to get started.

At UC Santa Barbara we strive to approach employee engagement as a multi-faceted approach. Our goal is to empower you with the right tools to pave the road toward success!

Navy Blue Heart  Employee Wellness

Employee wellness is one of the most important facets of the employee experience. Through our Employee Services, we seek to care for the whole employee.

Aqua heart     Empowered Employees

Employee empowerment drives better levels of satisfaction and grants our employees an opportunity to make data-driven decisions. We support your self-exploration of ownership and accountability in the workplace.

Sea Green Heart   Workplace Culture

Workplace culture plays a vital role in the employee experience. We are a campus rich in diversity, equity and inclusion and are dedicated to making sure you feel at peace showing up to work. 

Moss Heart  Career Growth

We understand that you have personal and professional goals, both in tandem with each other. Through mentoring programs and personal and professional development opportunities, bolstered by scholarship opportunities, we are here to help you achieve your professional goals and your personal goals. When you win, we win!

Gold Heart  UC Pride

The University of California‚Äôs core mission is to teach, do research, and offer public service. You are an integral part of the organization and what you do matters day after day.

Coral Heart  Recognition

Recognition is important. At UC Santa Barbara we recognize those who have met milestones in increments of five years through the Service Milestone Celebration. Keep a lookout for the annual Service Milestone Recipient Trifold!

Clay Heart  Social Relationships

Through staff groups, gatherings, learning experiences and campus collaboration, we cultivate a social environment at work, where we have the opportunity to meet on-campus and greet our co-workers out in the community at-large.

Mist Heart    Data

Data is imperative to our continued growth. To better serve our campus community, UC Santa Barbara generates the biennial Staff Engagement Survey and makes data driven decisions based on the results.