Training & Development

Management Development Program

The UC Management Development Program is a system wide initiative designed to strengthen leadership capabilities in the UC Core Competencies.  The UC Management Development Program is held on annually on campus and is comprised of the following four full-day classes:

Module One   – Manager Redefined

Module Two   – Employee Engagement

Module Three –Exercising Influence

Module Four- Coaching Change for Managers

The program is currently being offered to Managers and Senior Professionals via a nomination process and as supported by divisional senior leaders. 

This program is targeted for:

  • Managers
  • Managers of Managers
  • Leaders of a division or functional area
  • Leaders of complex operational programs or projects

As participants are guided through the three Competency areas they complete self-assessments, develop action plans, and work together to identify strategies for incorporating the information learned.  Program topics include:

  • The Manager Performance Model
  • Authenticity and gaining trust
  • Identifying individual dispositions in determining employee roles and maximizing talent
  • Talent stewardship and providing development opportunities
  • Guiding employee performance
  • Employee engagement and reinforcing commitment
  • Innovation and influencing for organizational impact
  • Energizing change and making change happen

In addition, participants who have completed the Management Development Program (MDP) will be eligible to attend the UC Systemwide People Management Conference to be held in the Summer of 2017. The conference will bring together leaders from across UC who have completed the People Management Certificate Program, the Management Development Program (MDP), or the UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative. The goal of the annual conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to collaborate/exchange with one another, learn about current topics, share best practices, and continue their learning on relevant leadership topics within the UC system.

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