Training & Development

Frequently Asked Questions

The UC Learning Center is an online learning management system (LMS) that is available to you to:

o Check the status of compliance training

o Register for a variety of online trainings

o Register for in-person training opportunities

o View training transcript

1) Open an internet browser (Internet Explorer 6-9, Firefox 3-14, Safari 4-6, or Chrome 19-21)

2) Turn off all pop-up blockers.

3) Type in the Address box and press Enter.

4) Enter your UCSBnetID and password and click Log On.

1) On the Home page, enter your search criteria in the Search box (such as a word from the class title.) Click GO.

2) Alternately, from the Learn menu, click Catalog.

3) Click the underlined name of any category.

4) After finding the activity you want to register for, click on it once to highlight it.

5) Click Register in the bottom right area of the page.

6) Make appropriate selections, as required and click Submit to complete your registration.

7) If a fee is associated with the class you will need to input your department’s recharge account number.

Training programs available for viewing and registration in the UC Learning Center include, but are not limited to, training in the following subject areas: Business and Operations, Compliance, Environmental and Occupational Safety, Human Resources, Information Security, and Research Administration. is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and soft skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts.

1) Go to

2) Or follow the link on the following department webpages:

o Human Resources

o Academic Personnel

o Library

o Letters & Science Information Technology (LSIT)

Application (form link) submission deadline dates for priority consideration are as follows. Note: Late applications may be considered.

o Summer professional development activities (Jul 1 - Sep 30): August 1

o Fall professional development activities (Oct 1 - Dec 30): October 15

o Winter professional development activities (Jan 1 - Mar 31): January 15

o Spring professional development activities: (Apr 1 - Jun 30): April 15

Note: Awards can be used for registration and educational fees only for courses, training and other learning opportunities offered at UCSB only.

1) Employee applies for admission (contact the Admissions Office for information).

2) Employee fills out the Reduced Fee Enrollment Application (, obtains department approval signature, and submits application to the Human Resources office.