Training & Development

Certificate Series

UCSB currently offers five different training certificate programs for staff. Enrollment is offered through the UC Learning Center), with the exception of the Academic Personnel Certificate Program (To enroll go to Workshops and Training Registration). Competency development is encouraged for those serving in roles that rely on skill and mastery in the following areas:

Academic Personnel Certificate Program

The Academic Personnel Certificate Program is designed to provide a comprehensive working knowledge of all aspects of Academic Personnel. Academic policies and procedures will be covered in general terms in the introductory course. These concepts will be further built on in the courses focused on specific groups of academic employees. Participants are welcome to take individual courses or to work towards a certificate.

To earn a certificate, completion of all Certificate Program Courses are required. All coursework must be completed within a two-year period. Individuals who have previously attended the Research Appointments or PPS Data class do not need to repeat the class, but must contact to verify the prior attendance. Introduction to Academic Personnel is a prerequisite for all other courses for individuals working towards the certificate.

If the class that you are interested in is full, please send an email to to be added to the wait-list.

For course descriptions and schedule, visit Workshops and Training Registration

Financial Management Certificate Program

The Financial Management Certificate Program is a program building on the financial components of the Business Officer Institute (BOI). The Financial Management Certificate Program consists of a total of eight classes of comprehensive instruction in major topic areas critical to successful financial management. You are welcome to take one or a few courses in areas of particular interest to you, or you may choose to work toward a certificate in Financial Management.

To earn a certificate, you must take at least seven courses (a total of 20 hours of instruction) including all five classes listed as “required” and complete the FMCP Application. To be eligible for a Certificate, all course work must be completed in a two-year time span.

To view course dates and times, visit the Trainings section here.  To register, visit the UC Learning Center website.

Gaucho U Certificate Program

The Gaucho U is a cohort-based training and development certificate program founded on the new UC Core Competency Model. It has been designed through collaboration with Human Resources, the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council, Staff Assembly, Administrative Services, Housing and Residential Services, and the Vice Chancellors.

The program is run in cohorts of 12 people, and consists of an orientation, five courses strategically sequenced throughout a six-month period, and a closing learning-culmination session.

Course descriptions can be found here.  To register, visit the UC Learning Center website.

Sponsored Projects Training for Administrators in Research (STAR)

The Sponsored Projects Training for Administrators in Research (STAR) program is a comprehensive certificated training program developed by the UCSB Office of Research to meet UCSB's research administration needs. The program's goals are to improve campus understanding of regulations, policies, and procedures; to strengthen internal controls; and to provide staff members with access to key resources and contacts when they need help.

The program is designed for employees with duties and responsibilities related to contract and grant administration. Participants are welcome to take one or several courses in areas of particular interest to them-or they may opt to earn a certificate in the STAR program.

The certificate program offers 11 required courses. This year the courses are provided in one series, offered from September through May. To earn a certificate, you must take all 11 classes. Staff members who wish to earn a STAR Program Certificate must complete the coursework in one or two years from the date they begin the course series.

To register, visit the UC Learning Center website. Once you have logged in use the search box and type in STAR to view all 11 courses.

For more information about Sponsored Projects training courses please send an e-mail to

Supervisory Certificate Program (SCP)

Employees who are not supervisors, as well as those who are, are invited to enroll in the Supervisory Certificate Program. The role of supervisor is a critical one in realizing the university's mission. It comes with special responsibilities and rewards. The assignment requires a broad range of skills and a significant level of expertise. For employees who aspire to a supervisory position, preparation is important. For employees who are already supervisors and managers, developing skills is a life-long effort. Supervisors will tell you that it provides the greatest challenges and most significant rewards.

The Supervisory Certificate Program is designed to give staff professional training in the key areas of leadership competencies, policies and procedures, and people skills. In this series of courses new supervisors learn a basic set of supervisory skills and tools. For the experienced supervisor, the program expands skills enabling the veteran supervisor to improve existing skills and acquire new ones demanded by an increasingly diverse workforce and changing workplace. Participants develop supervision skills including leadership, employee selection and evaluation, diversity, conflict management, communication skills, delegation, team building and change.

The Supervisory Certificate Program is strongly supported by the UCSB administration. Human Resources-Employment recognizes this supervisory training program as equivalent to one year of supervisory experience in assessing an applicant's qualifications for a position that requires supervision. Those who complete all of the courses in the Supervisory Certificate Program as well as submit the SCP Application for Candidacy will earn the SCP Certificate of Completion.  The Chancellor formally awards the SCP Certificates of Completion During Staff Appreciation Week each year.

To submit the SCP Application for Candidacy, please visit the UC Learning Center and type "Application for Candidacy" in the search box. There is no form to fill out; just register and submit your recharge information for the $40 application fee.  Registration must be completed by February 1 of the year in which the candidate would like to formally receive the Certificate. 

Further information on the Supervisory Certificate Program can be found here.  Please see the HR Training Schedule for dates and times of current class offerings.  To register, visit the UC Learning Center website.