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Retiree Benefit Payment Schedule

This chart lists the mailing dates of direct deposit statements and checks, and the direct deposit posting dates for UCRP monthly retirement, survivor and disability benefit payments.

Retiree Benefit Payment Schedule

Fidelity Retirement Services

Fidelity Retirement Services provides retirees information and assistance with 403(b), 457(b) and DC Plans Retirement Savings Programs.

Fidelity Account Services: 1-866-682-7787
to your Fidelity Account

Proof of Retirement Income - The Work Number

If you apply for a car loan, mortgage or apartment lease, you may need proof of income, including your retirement income.  You no longer need to contact UC Customer Service for verification of income.  UC has contracted with The Work Number, an automated service providing fast, secure retirement and income verifications.  In most cases, the lender can get the information they need directly through The Work Number.

Lenders can call:  1 (800) 367-5690
Employer Name:  UC Retirement
Employer Number:  14736

Reemployment of UC Retirees

The University of California hiring policies include rules for the reemployment of former University employees who are receiving UC Retirement Plan pension benefits.  For more information go to Reemployment of UC Retirees in the Employment section of the HR website.

Impact of reemployment on Medicare: If you return to work after retirement and you or your family members are eligible for Medicare, your medical insurance benefits and premiums may be affected if your appointment is 43.75% time or more. Under the Medicare Secondary Payer law, your UC-sponsored medical plan becomes the primary payer and Medicare becomes the secondary coverage. Even though Medicare becomes the secondary payer, you cannot cancel your Medicare Part B enrollment.

Survivor and Beneficiary Information

After a UC retiree dies, survivors are faced with the difficult task of resolving the retiree’s estate. This includes reporting the death and claiming benefits.
This handbook describes the benefits that may be available to family members and/or beneficiaries following the death of a UC retiree. This handbook also outlines the steps surviving family members and beneficiaries should take to claim benefits. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the UC Customer Service Center at 1-800-888-8267.
A UC retiree is anyone who receives a monthly benefit from the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP or the Retirement Plan). UC retirees include:
  • Retired Members who receive UCRP monthly retirement income;
  • Disabled Members who receive UCRP disability income;
  • Survivors who receive UCRP survivor benefits (both pre- and postretirement); and
  • Contingent Annuitants who receive UCRP retirement income continuance

myUCretirement Website

myUCretirement website offers a range of retirement planning and financial education classes to help you make the most of the UC Retirement System and Savings Program.
(This new site replaces the UC Focus on Your Future website)