Outreach & Advocacy

What does the Emeriti Association do?

  • The Association strives to advance the general welfare of all emeriti and their spouses and survivors.
  • The Association works at the campus level through its representation on the Academic Senate Committee on Emeriti Relations and Retirement Matters, and its representation on the Health Care Facilitator Advisory Board; at the system-wide level, through its representation on CUCEA, and thereby on the Academic Council Committee on Faculty Welfare.
  • The Association regularly brings to the attention of the campus administration and active faculty the continuing research and grant awards of a number of emeriti which redound to the credit of the University, as well as the involvement of emeriti in teaching on recall and serving on Academic Senate, departmental, and administrative committees. Here, the Association conducts a biennial survey of retired members on their continuing level of academic, professional, and community activity.
  • The Association serves as a "watch dog" for preserving the rights and privileges of emeriti as stated in the By-Laws of the Academic Senate. The Association attends to this task by keeping before department chairs the policies and procedural provisions adopted by campus and University administrative officers and by campus and system-wide Academic Senate bodies, and by supporting actions to rectify reported violations of rights and privileges that may have been abridged.
  • The Association identifies the concerns and needs of emeriti, as well as those of faculty members planning to retire, and informs the Chancellor and the appropriate Academic Senate committees of these needs and concerns. The Association works closely with the UCSB Academic Senate Committee on Emeriti Relations and Retirement Matters to keep abreast of and to anticipate the pertinent needs and concerns.
  • The Association promotes social and cultural activities for emeriti. The Emeriti/Retirees Center puts together spring and fall events, as well as monthly discussion meetings. These events not only bring emeriti and spouses and friends together, but also include presentations of general interest by outstanding faculty and community members. The Association also co-sponsors with the Retirees Association publication of a quarterly Emeriti and Staff Retirees Newsletter.

What has the Emeriti Association done?

  • The Association successfully persuaded the Santa Barbara Division of the Academic Senate to establish as Committee on Emeriti Relations and Retirement Matters. Prior to that time, no Senate committee had as its main priority the needs and concerns of what promised to be an increasing number of emeriti. The Committee has been instrumental in promoting the welfare of the emeriti in a number of ways, including protecting the privilege of use of the Library, and securing free parking permits for emeriti and surviving spouses.
  • The Association developed the support of the Chancellor for space and budget for the establishment of the Emeriti Center, later renamed the Emeriti/Retirees Center. The Center and its Coordinator, located in the Human Resources Division on the third floor of the Student Affairs and Administrative Services building, assists emeriti and retirees, and faculty and staff anticipating retirement, by furnishing information and referrals on benefits and privileges. The Center provides a continuing liaison between all University units and retired personnel.
  • One of the Association's founding members was instrumental in the establishment of the Council of the University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA), which successfully secured membership of two emeriti on the system-wide Senate Faculty Welfare Committee. Membership on this Committee has set in place an effective line of communication on emeriti matters with ranking members of the President's staff.
  • The Association developed and funds a competition and research award to recognize and to encourage significant undergraduate scholarship, including creative work and activity, such as studio work and performance. Students at the junior and senior level in all fields: Creative and Visual Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering are invited to submit current creative or research projects for consideration by a committee of Emeriti faculty.
  • The Association has increased its count since 1978 from a handful of emeriti to more than 500.
  • Given the Association's unique role in successfully protecting and promoting the interests and benefits of emeriti, the Board of Directors encourages all emeriti, spouses and surviving spouses to support the Association by joining and taking an active role in it.

Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA)

Since its founding in 1987, the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) has fostered close and mutually supportive relations among its member campus-based associations as well as with all levels of the University's governance. Acting statewide on behalf of the welfare and status of all UC emeriti, it presses for the protection, improvement and extension of a broad spectrum of benefits, such as good and affordable health care options, appropriate cost-of-living adjustments and enhanced academic privileges.

Council of University of California Emeriti Associations

Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award

Created by a bequest from Professor Panunzio of UCLA, the award honors outstanding scholarly work and/or educational service (e.g., service in professional, University, Academic Senate, emeriti, departmental, or editorial posts or committees) performed by a University of California emeritus or emerita in the humanities or social sciences since retirement. Each campus may determine specific details for eligibility, nomination, and final selection. Candidates may self-nominate, and initial nominations may be made simply on the basis of a candidate's curriculum vitae. More at: UC Emeriti Award - Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award

Undergraduate SLAM Competition

The Emeriti Association is proud to continue its participation in judging and awarding cash prizes to competitors in the UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium held each year in May. Money for the awards comes from emeriti contributors; any amount is welcome. For more information on contributing to this worthy cause, please see the Emeriti Membership Application.

Undergraduate SLAM Competition