PPS + UC Path

Payroll/Personnel System (PPS)

The Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) supports the payroll and personnel requirements of the University. It is comprised of several databases that maintain current and historical information about University employees.

PPS System Access and Training

Access & Accounts

  • Current Users: Forgot your PPS password or have access questions? Call Accounting Services and Controls at x2880
  • New Users: PPS training is mandatory for those who prepare and/or review personnel transactions and/or process payroll time reporting transactions online.  Regular PPS access is established after the trainee has completed all the training requirements for his/her area of responsibility.

To gain access to PPS, complete a Request for Access to PPS form and return it to Accounting Services and Controls. Once access is granted, the UserID and temporary password are sent directly to the new user's email account.

If you are the department’s PPS Designated Security Administrator (DSA), please let the new user know that he/she will receive two emails, a temporary password in one and his/her PPS UserID in the other, within a day or two following receipt of the Request for Access to PPS form by Accounting Services and Controls.

After receipt of the UserID and temporary password, new users can access the PPS Test Login page.

Web Based PPS:

Host on Demand version of PPS:

The "Host on Demand" version of PPS - also know as CISC - is available by download. Please contact your department IT support regarding downloading Host on Demand onto your computer.

*NEW users will not be able to access PPS Production - "live PPS" - until after completion of the required PPS training.


All PPS users, whether inquiry only or preparer, are required to take PPS training. The training consists of three parts: PPS Basics; PPS Employee Database Update (EDB) Lab; and for preparers, PPS Online Time Reporting Lab. To see the training schedules and register for classes, please go go the UC Learning Center log in and search by course title.

Training Materials

PPS Data Clean-up and Conversion

As part of the UCPath project, there is a Data Clean up and Conversion team reviewing all payroll and personnel actions in PPS. This team, consisting of UCSB professionals from Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Accounting and PMO, is working to identify all of the various PPS system practices on campus, document them, and correct them as necessary. We’re running reports regularly and contacting departments regularly to inform them of inconsistencies and needed corrections. From all of the knowledge gained in cleaning up data, the team is also working on developing PPS Best Pay Practices going forward (see next topic). Once we have a more clearly defined and consistent approach to PPS practices, the PMO team can determine the appropriate migration steps in the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system. For more information on PPS Data Clean up, please contact Amy Arnold at x4068 in Human Resources or Joanna Kettmann in Academic Personnel at x5048. For more information on data conversion to PeopleSoft, please contact Maria Ayllon at x3401.

PPS Best Practices

In an effort to prepare our campus for the eventual transition to PeopleSoft, we are evaluating all of our payroll practices and determining best pay practices in the PPS system. This process of identifying our current pay practices will enable us to eventually determine best pay practices going forward in the new PeopleSoft system as well. We will continue to post best practices documents as they become available.

Best Practices Documents

PPS Tools and Resources

Flat Rate Pay - PPS Instructions (BYA and BYH)

ERIT (Employee Reduction in Time) - PPS Instructions

Concurrent/Multiple Appointments

Holiday Pay

Leave Accrual - Vacation / Sick

Timekeeping/Monthly Working Hours

Bi-Weekly Pay Resources and Payroll Calendars

Web-Based Merit System

The Web-Based Merit System is an online system whereby campus departments can report performance ratings and recommend merit pay increases for a specified population of Staff employees. Please note, Web Merit access is given only to employees with the responsibility for processing wage implementations. The Web Merit system is not part of PPS.

If you are designated by your department to enter information into Web Merit, please submit a Request for Access to PPS form and complete the Web Merit access section.

This site provides basic information only. Specific details and instructions will be provided by Human Resources as needed.

PPS Secrets, Strategies and Tips

Over the years, we’ve published many memos with helpful tips on PPS. The following memos still apply today and serve as an additional resource to the PPS training manuals.

Title of Memo


Exempt & Non-Exempt FLSA Status

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Demographic Data Transmittal Form

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Academic Summer Compensation

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Date of Hire & Original Date of Hire

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PPS Shortcuts

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By Agreement Appointments

BY ‘n’ BY


Vacation Accrual Codes N, F & E

Sure, you know your A, B, C’s


Employee Relations Code & Employee Representation Code

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Limited to Career



Consistency Edit Messages

The Error of Our Ways


PAN Notification Review Selection

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PPS History Database

Don’t Know Much about History


Holiday Pay

Holiday Pay


Grades and Steps

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Hires and  Rehires

True Lies…Hires & Rehires


Student Employees

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Overtime Calculations

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Transferring Personnel Files

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Student Summer Appointments

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Partial Year Appointments

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Appointment Types

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Personnel Program Codes

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The “F” Command

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SEPR Bundle

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PAN Comments

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Extended Sick Leave

When is a leave not a LEAV?


LEAV Bundle

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Action Codes

Dem Codes, Dem Codes!


EAPP vs. Bundles



PPS Freezes

Roundup at the PPS Corral



Watch Where You Park Your Bundles


Finding Employees

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