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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the "Request for Access to PPS" form on Accounting's web site:
For specific access account questions, please call LoAn Piela in Accounting at x2880.

Eligibility requirements will vary according to the contract or policy. Please refer to the guidelines and procedures for the specific merit population.

In general, if more than one salary adjustment takes place on the same date, actions occur in the following order:

1. Merit increases or, if applicable, salary increases for employees who hold temporary appointments;

2. Salary action resulting from promotion, reclassification, transfer, demotion, or equity adjustment; and

3. Salary range adjustment (if applicable).

On the roster screen, click on the employee’s name in order to see what data was present in PPS at the

time of the roster “snapshot”. An employee is selected for the roster based on the data present in a

number of fields on PPS.

Important fields in PPS that are used in employee selection include:

Screen Field Data needed to indicate merit eligibility

EAPP Appointment Type ‘2’ (Career) or ‘7’ (Partial-Year Career)

EAPP Distribution End Date At least one distribution needs to end on or after the merit

effective date

EPER Next Salary Review Date Needs to be the merit effective date or earlier

EPER Next Salary Review Type Should display ‘2’ or ‘3’, as appropriate

EPER Employee Relations Code Needs to reflect appropriate code

During the preliminary roster stage, departments should determine whether an eligible employee is

missing from the roster and make the necessary corrections in PPS, before the final roster is created. See

the previous question/answer above to help determine what fields may need to be adjusted in PPS.

If an employee is missing from the final roster, you will not be able to add him to the roster. Wait until

the web process is completed to enter his new rate to PPS manually, using Action Code ‘04’. Along with

processing this action in PPS, an email or memo must be sent to Human Resources stating the

employee’s performance rating.

Deleting an employee from the roster should be a rare occurrence. If an ineligible employee appears on

the preliminary roster, you may need to correct some data fields in PPS to ensure that employee does not

appear on the final roster. If an ineligible employee still appears on the final roster, then it might be

appropriate to delete the employee from the roster.

Otherwise eligible employees who are not receiving a merit increase (e.g., due to an unsatisfactory

performance rating) should remain on the roster so that funds generated by their presence are left in the

pool of available dollars. This is important for balancing the total amount spent against the overall

control figure.

Only the permanent position can be merited during the web merit process, although both will appear on

rosters. As long as the temporary reclassification or stipend shows up on a separate roster line, you’ll be

able to delete that temporary line from the roster without disrupting the permanent position (this is an

example of an appropriate use of the delete function). Keep in mind that the two lines may appear on

two different departments’ rosters.

Later, follow your usual process on requesting rate increases for temporary reclassifications and stipends

(if appropriate) – request control point approval, then contact HR Compensation with the approved


Performance ratings are entered as 1, 2, 3, 4 or X.

1 = Demonstrates a high degree of expertise and mastery in all aspects of the position in a

professional manner.

2 = Fully performs the entire range of duties in a professional manner.

3 = Generally performs essential duties satisfactorily.

4 = Does not perform essential duties in a satisfactory manner.

X = No written performance evaluation has been done.

Date format is MM/YY, and it cannot be later than the current month. If using “X” as a performance

rating, enter the current month (MM/YY).

NOTE: Performance evaluations should take place sometime during the twelve months prior to the merit

effective date.

Please make every effort to have someone else enter your merit rating and salary increase. “Someone

else” can either be another preparer in your department, a department chair with an account, or a control

point. If it is absolutely not possible for another person to enter it, then you may enter your own, but you

should follow through with documentation to your control point. An example of documentation could be

an email to the control point with a copy going to the department chair. Your control point may give you

further instructions on this topic.

Note that all “self-updates” are marked with a flag in the system and will be reviewed at the end of the


The system will allow you to merit an employee up to the range maximum only, so it may revise your

original entry.

The web-based merit system will allow employees to receive a below-range merit, even if they continue

to be below the minimum after the merit is applied. If this occurs, it is very important to remember to

bring the employee to the minimum of the range after the web merit process is completed. Use action

code ‘33’ (Manual Range Adjustment) when you process this action in PPS.

At the bottom of the roster screen, click on “Select Download”. Select the appropriate download and

click on the “Go” button.

“Roster” and “Deletes” will be downloaded into Excel.

“Roster Pdf” will create a PDF file of the roster.

Limited appointment employees are restricted to working under 1000 hours in any rolling 12 month period - including hours worked at another UC campus.

The employee is LNS for any hours that are paid by Liberty Mutual. Please visit the How to update PPS section of the Disability website for instructions on entering temporary and/or partial Disability Leaves (i.e. reduced schedule).

You will receive an email with specific direction from Workers' Compensation. You can also review the How to Update PPS section of the Disability website.