Local PPSM Policy 20 Recruitment & Internal Promotion


  1. Preparation for Recruitment and Selection. Recruitment efforts shall be designed to attract applicants who possess the strongest qualifications required for successful performance of the duties and responsibilities of the vacant position.  Human Resources and the appointing department shall review vacant positions and identify essential job functions and the knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualifications required for successful job performance. Recruitment efforts shall be based on these factors. Recruitment strategies shall emphasize the ability to work successfully in a team oriented, diverse workforce.
  2. Scope of Recruitment. Consistent with equal employment opportunity for all qualified applicants, recruitment processes shall include reasonable outreach efforts to attract staff who are underutilized in University employment, based on affirmative action data and campus workforce diversity objectives. Recruitment efforts shall support the goals for the transfer and promotion of qualified campus and University employees.
  3. Waiver of Recruitment. In addition to UC PPSM 20 B., Human Resources may authorize filling a vacant career position without recruitment in special circumstances, such as when a candidate possesses unique skills, knowledge, and abilities and there is no other viable candidate available; when there are demonstrated recruitment difficulties; when there are time or funding constraints, or other demonstrated business necessity; when there are health and safety reasons; or when there are other special circumstances in which recruitment procedures are not in the best interests of the campus. The decision whether to recruit or not recruit shall include consideration of equal opportunity and fairness in employment and the achievement of a diverse workforce. When a limited or contract appointment is to be designated as a career appointment, recruitment may be waived when the incumbent was selected through an open recruitment.
  4. Internal Promotion Policy. To provide career development opportunities for its employees and fulfill its affirmative action and equal opportunity commitment, the University will give special consideration to career, qualified employees who have been recommended for promotion into new or vacant positions within their divisions by their divisional vice chancellors or deans. These promotional opportunities will be provided consistent with employee qualifications, achievement, development, and job performance.


Human Resources and the appointing department or division share responsibility for equitably filling positions. Human Resources shall ensure that legal requirements are satisfied and appropriate data are collected and maintained. Review of recruitment efforts to achieve workforce diversity objectives shall be coordinated among Human Resources, the appointing department and the Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment (OEOSH).


  • STEP ONE: A hiring manager recruiting for a newly created or vacant position may initiate a request to fill an eligible position through internal promotion by sending a written request to his/her divisional vice chancellor or dean. (The hiring manager is advised to confirm the position’s eligibility with Human Resources/Compensation to ensure that it’s not a reclassification or other type of job change.) The request shall include the title of the position, the name of the candidate being recommended and a portfolio of material describing the candidate’s skills, knowledge and abilities, a resume, a job description of the candidate’s current job and the job to be filled, the candidate’s unique qualifications and the specific reasons for requesting the internal promotion.
  • STEP TWO: The vice chancellor or dean may ask the hiring manager to provide other supporting documentation; review recommendations from staff who currently report to or work with the incumbent; and/or solicit additional input from others who would be directly affected by the internal promotion decision. Based on his/her analysis, the vice chancellor or dean may, in writing, 1) request the Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment and the Director of Human Resources to review the request for internal promotion for compliance with University policies and within the context of UCSB’s placement rate goals derived from the most recent career staff utilization analysis; or 2) advise the hiring manager to initiate a search (campus, regional, national) for which all interested candidates may apply, including the internal candidate.
  • STEP THREE: If, after receiving an internal promotion review request from the vice chancellor or dean, the Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment and the Director of Human Resources concur with the request for internal promotion, they will send their written approval to the vice chancellor or dean.  If the Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment and the Director of Human Resources don’t concur with the request because of the need to increase staff utilization in an impacted area or dissonance with University policy, they will advise, in writing, the vice chancellor or dean to recruit to fill the position.
  • STEP FOUR: Based on the review of all materials, divisional goals, and consonant with the determination of the Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment and the Director of Human Resources, the vice chancellor or dean shall inform the hiring manager, in writing (with a copy to HR and OEOSH), that s/he may proceed with the proposed internal promotion or must initiate a recruitment (campus, regional, national). However, for positions that report directly to divisional vice chancellors, prior to a decision to proceed with an internal promotion, the Chancellor also shall review the request.
  • STEP FIVE: Upon completion of the reviews and consistent with the approvals, Human Resources will help the hiring manager to complete the internal promotion process and place the internal candidate into the new or vacant position. To document the internal promotion in OACIS, the department will need to 1) submit a new job description in OACIS for approval by Compensation; 2) create a requisition in OACIS; 3) electronically attach to the requisition the memo, resume and other supporting documentation as provided in Step 1; 4) submit the requisition to Employment for approval and 4) have the candidate create and save a “Special Supplement to Resume” for the purposes of applicant-tracking and Affirmative Action/EEO data elements.  If the Director & Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment and the Director of Human Resources did not concur with the request, Human Resources will help the hiring manager recruit to fill the position. 

NOTE: UC Santa Barbara Human Resources will replace OACIS with UCPath Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) for its online application system on June 1, 2020.

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