Local PPSM Policy 36 Classification of Positions

Effective July 1, 2013


PPSM 30 - Salary
PPSM 36 - Classification of Positions


  1. Classification Review. The Human Resources department has responsibility for classifying positions except where authority has specifically been redelegated. Staff positions are classified on the basis of assigned duties and responsibilities and allocated to a classification title which is used on official records and publications. As duties and responsibilities change, the position may be reclassified. Unless otherwise delegated, department heads shall obtain approval of classification designations from Human Resources in the following situations: 
  • Career Positions
  • Limited Appointment Positions
  • Contract Positions

Classification approval must be obtained by the department head prior to any employment commitment. 

An incumbent in a career position can request a classification review of the position. 

  1. Reclassification Effective Dates. The effective date of a permanent reclassification will be established as follows:
    1. Biweekly Effective Date:  reclassification actions for staff paid on the biweekly pay cycle will be effective on the first day of the next biweekly pay period following the submission of the reclassification package to Human Resources.  
    2. Monthly Effective Date:  reclassification actions for staff paid on the monthly pay cycle will be effective on the first day of the month following the submission of the reclassification package to Human Resources.
    3. Reclassification actions that result in an employee transitioning from a biweekly pay cycle to the monthly pay cycle, or a monthly pay cycle to biweekly pay will require that the effective date of the reclassification align with the pay cycle that the position has been reclassified into.

Retroactive effective dates are not granted. It is the department's responsibility to submit revised job descriptions reflecting changes of duties in a timely manner. Retroactive actions seriously affect exemption status (FLSA), bargaining unit membership and pay issues. 


  1. Salary Changes upon Reclassification. All salary changes tied to reclassification actions are governed by the general rule that resultant pay upon reclassification must be within the range of the classification level to which the employee has been newly assigned. Individual increases or decreases may vary among employees depending on the personnel policies which cover their appointment. Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements must refer to the agreement to determine appropriate salary changes. Those uncovered by any bargaining unit must consult PPSM 30 and Local Policy 30.B.4, Promotion, Reclassification, Demotion, or Transfer. 


  1. Classification of Limited Appointment Positions. Limited appointment positions can be reviewed and classified by departments up to and including the level of Analyst I (PSS1). However, if such positions should go to open recruitment as career positions, Human Resources reserves the right to alter the department's decision. 


  1. Classification Appeal and Review Process. Where the employee disagrees with the reclassification recommendation issued by Human Resources, an appeal of the classification decision can be requested.  The request for re-evaluation must be received in Human Resources within 30 calendar days of the date on which the initial recommendation was issued.  Appeals will be handled on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the human resources director. 


Applicability: All Staff Members