Medical Insurance Update for 2017 Plans

Thursday, January 12 2017

January is the beginning of the new insurance year.  All Open Enrollment changes became effective on 1/1/2017.  Most employees enrolled in medical plans should receive a new ID card.  Please replace your old card with the new one and show your medical providers and pharmacy the new card on your next visit.

Health Net Blue & Gold HMO

New ID cards were issued for all members.  Please check that the Primary Care Physician (PCP) assignment on your ID card is correct.   If it is not, call Health Net Member Services at 800-539-4072.
If you did not receive a new ID card:
  • New members - Call Health Net Member Services at 800-539-4072.
  • Continuing members - Print a temporary ID card from the Health Net website.  Register for your account using the Subscriber # on your 2016 Health Net card.

    Health Net:

Kaiser HMO

New Kaiser members were issued ID cards.  If you are new to Kaiser and did not receive your ID card, please call Kaiser Member Services at 800-464-4000.

UC Care, UC Health Savings Plan and Core 

Anthem Blue Cross and OptumRx are the new administrators for the PPO plans.  All members should receive a new Anthem ID card.   If you did not receive an Anthem ID card you can print one by registering on the Anthem website using your SSN.  If you need assistance, please contact the Anthem Health Guides.
Anthem Blue Cross:
Anthem Health Guides:  844-437-0486
Assistance with Transition from Blue Shield to Anthem Blue Cross and OptumRx on UCnet
The PPO Transition Checklist on UCnet has additional information about the changes for 2017.
All Plan Contacts on UCnet