Vacation Leave for Policy-Covered Employees

Wednesday, February 11 2015


TO:        Campus Community

FR:         Cynthia Seneriz, Acting Director
               Human Resources

RE:        Vacation Leave for Policy-Covered Employees

I am writing to inform you of an update to the University’s vacation leave policy for policy-covered employees who have dual or multiple part-time appointments.  Per the Absence from Work policy (Section III.B.1 – Eligibility for Vacation leave), the University provides vacation leave to policy-covered employees who:

•            Hold a career, limited, or floater appointment and

•            The appointment is at 50% or more of full-time status and

•            The appointment is in place for six months or more

Previously, each appointment had to meet all three of these requirements (eligible appointment type, appointment percentage, and appointment duration) in order for the employee to be eligible to accrue vacation leave for that appointment.  Following a recent review of the policy, system wide Human Resources has determined that a policy-covered employee with multiple part-time appointments will have his or her vacation leave eligibility based on the combined appointment percentage of all appointments. If the combined percentage of the employee’s policy-covered career, limited, and/or floater appointments equals 50 percent time or more and the appointment has been or is in place for six months or more, the employee is eligible to accrue vacation. This decision will be effective as of March 1, 2015.  Any leave accrued under the prior policy interpretation will not be impacted nor will retroactive accrual be provided.  (Please note that represented employees are eligible to accrue vacation leave based upon the applicable collective bargaining agreement.  Academic appointments are subject to the policies and procedures in the Academic Personnel Manual.) 

Please contact Amy Arnold if you have questions about this policy determination. 

Thank you.

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