UC Care – Labs added to UC Select/Tier1 network

Wednesday, March 12 2014

TO:        Department Benefit Representatives (DBRs)

FROM:  Laura Morgan, Health Care Facilitator, Human Resources/Benefits

 RE:  UC Care – Labs added to UC Select/Tier1 network

This information is for individuals enrolled in the UC Care PPO medical plan. 

UC Care is pleased to announce that LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics will be part of the UC Select/Tier 1 network starting on March 1, 2014. These labs offer UC Care members access to laboratory services at over 1,000 combined statewide locations.

With UC Care PPO, you select providers and manage your care.  The network status of a provider will determine how much you pay for a service.  You can find information about providers online using the Find a Provider tool or you can call Blue Shield Concierge for assistance.

UC Care – Find a Provider

Blue Shield Concierge:  1-855-201-2087

UC Care Web:

UC Care Medical Benefit Summary:

Coverage Reminder:

  • Lab services, such as blood work, for a preventive service will be covered 100% if done by “in-network” UC Select/Tier 1 or Blue Shield Preferred/Tier 2 providers. 
  • Lab work for a diagnostic or problem oriented service will be covered according to the network status of the provider, for example:
    • Quest Diagnostics & LabCorp (UC Select/Tier 1) - $20 copay
    • Pacific Diagnostic Lab (Blue Shield Preferred/Tier 2) – deductible and 20% coinsurance

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