Student Employment Guidelines

Thursday, September 25 2014

TO:     PPS Preparers and Reviewers

FR:      Human Resources

RE:      Student Employment Guidelines

In an effort to consolidate student employment information and clarify student employment practices, the offices of Human Resources, Academic Personnel and the Graduate Division have collaborated to establish a concise set of Student Employment Guidelines (located on Employment's website, under Useful Links).  These guidelines are intended to clarify, and in some cases redefine, current practices.  The guidelines are also intended to ensure consistent employment practices in anticipation of the campus transition to UCPath. A summary of the changes in current practice are:

  • UCSB students employed in the Student Assistant titles 4921, 4920, and 4919 may remain in their existing student position for up to one quarter after graduation and during a quarter break from classes;
  • UCSB Spring quarter graduates may be employed in the Student Assistant titles 4921, 4920, and 4919 while working in a student summer program such as Conference Services, Recreation, and Family Vacation Center;
  • UCSB Graduate students on Filing Fee Leave may remain employed in an existing Student Assistant position (4921, 4920, 4919) for the duration of the quarter so long as the work is not related to their personal degree program. 
  • New incoming UCSB students may be employed in either academic or staff student titles in the summer, so long as, they’re already registered for Fall quarter (early registration dates are now available for new matriculating students). 

If you have any questions regarding non-academic positions, please contact the Employment or Compensation Analyst for your department. If you have any questions regarding academic positions, please contact the Graduate Division or Academic Personnel. The new guidelines can be found on the HR website under the Useful  Links on Employment’s Home Page.

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