Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters

Friday, April 11 2014

TO:      Deans, Department Heads, MSO’s

FR:      Melinda Crawford, Manager, Employment/Training & Development

RE:      Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters

In order to meet the University of California’s obligation to post employment notices/posters required by state and federal law, department heads are responsible to prominently display mandatory employment notices/posters in conspicuous places where they may be easily seen by all employees and applicants.

Most of the posters are available for downloading and printing from the University of California Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters web site. Several posters are also available in other languages, Braille or large print from the issuing government agency. 

The following revised notices are now in effect:


  • CAL/OSHA Notice of Safety and Health in the Workplace: Safety and Health Protection on the Job (English and Spanish versions)
  • FEHA – California: Discrimination and Harassment in Employment are Prohibited by Law (English version)
  • FMLA – California:  “Notice B” (Spanish version)
  • Pregnancy Leave – California: “Notice A” (Spanish version)
  • Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave Notice – California: Notice to Employees (Chinese and Vietnamese versions)


All required notices are available for downloading and printing from the “University of California Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters” page located at:


Please remove any older posted versions and replace them with the revised notices.  Thank you.

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