January 2014 RX & TX Web Merits - END of PPS Freeze

Friday, January 17 2014

January 2014 RX & TX Web Merits - END of PPS Freeze

To:     PPS Preparers and Reviewers

Success! The 4% ATB process is finished and the PPS freeze for the RX and TX Staff employees is now lifted. Please take this time to verify that the data from the ATB process has been updated appropriately for your employees in the EDB.

NOTE ON TIME REPORTING: Remember that the new rates are effective for Exempt/Monthly employees as of January 1, 2014.  For Non-Exempt/Bi-Weekly employees the effective date is January 5, 2014.  IF you are reporting (positive) December time on any of these employees be sure to use the *old* rate (still effective through 12/31/13 or 01/04/14 respectively) displayed on your department roster.

*IF* any employees were omitted from the process (due to missing data such as a review type or salary step, or awaiting funding to be extended, etc.), please process the increase manually (only if needed!) in the EDB:

  1. Use a SINC bundle
  2. EAPP – end current distribution either 12/31/2013 OR 01/04/14, and add new distribution effective 01/01/14 OR 01/05/14 with new rate.  Use Title Code System at to determine new rate. Enter Action code “54” (Across the Board Increase) on the new distribution only.
  3. EPER – change Next Salary Review Date to 0115, and confirm that the Next Salary Review Type is a “2.”
  4. Please complete your manual merit entry in the EDB as soon as possible.

As for those departments on Kronos:

Timekeepers will receive a separate notice detailing instructions for updating the Primary Account Effective Date of employees receiving the step increase.


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