Hourly Employees Time Recording in Kronos

Thursday, April 3 2014

TO:              PPS Preparers and Reviewers

FR:              Jim Corkill, Director, Business & Financial Services

Cynthia Seneriz, Compensation Manager, Human Resources



The following information is being shared with UCSB departments using Kronos electronic timekeeping for hourly non-exempt employees.

 According to the UC Office of General Counsel, UC hourly employees may record time in the form of time in/out, or number of hours worked.  For those using Kronos electronic timekeeping, this means:

  • Punching in/out times on a time clock; OR
  • Using Kronos's online Time Stamp feature to stamp in/out times; OR
  • Recording number of hours worked each day on the online timecard.  

In all three cases, employee records of time worked are maintained in Kronos online, where employees review and approve their timecard data at the end of each pay period.

Recording in and out times, whether by punching a time clock or using the Kronos online Time Stamp feature,  is intended to capture working hours in real time, so clocked or stamped in/out times cannot be edited by the employee.  If a correction needs to be made, the employee's supervisor or the department timekeeper can edit the punch, adding a comment explaining the correction. 

Departments have the option of choosing a configuration that allows hourly employees to record hours worked in addition to recording time in/out. This is useful for employees who normally record time in/out but may be unable to do so on a given day—for example, when working at a remote location where no time clock or Internet access is available. In all cases, managers are responsible for verifying employees' hours worked in the system.

The Kronos project team will follow up with a notice to the Kronos Timekeepers list detailing how this policy will be implemented in Kronos. For questions about the policy, contact Amy Arnold at For questions about Kronos, please contact

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