Guidelines and Procedures for CX Step Increase (1 or 2 Step Longevity Increase) Effective July 6, 2014

Thursday, June 5 2014

To:       PPS Preparers and Reviewers

From:  Amy Arnold

Re:      Guidelines and Procedures for CX Step Increase (1 or 2 Step Longevity Increase) Effective July 6, 2014


Hello Everyone -

Step increases for CX employees will be administered within the campus guidelines and procedures outlined below.

Guidelines for Step Increase

  • Non-probationary Career status as of July 6, 2014 to be eligible.
  • Must have overall performance rating of “satisfactory” or better. Employees who have not received a performance evaluation are deemed “satisfactory.”
  • Within-range step movement based on UC service from the most recent date of hire
    • 10 < 20 years of service = 1 step
    • 20+ years of service = 2 steps


Performance appraisals should be completed within the twelve months preceding the processing of any merit increase.

Every department must have a control point with a merit access account.  This will enable review of rosters by the appropriate control point.

Preliminary Roster – Control Points and Departments should review Preliminary rosters during the appropriate open window.  Please verify that your department's roster includes all eligible employees.  If employees are missing or are present and should not be, corrections must be made in the Payroll-Personnel-System (PPS).  In order for them to appear correctly on the Final roster, these PPS corrections must be made during the Preliminary roster stage, which is June 9nd through June 10th.  A second preliminary roster will be run the evening of June 10.  The review of the second preliminary roster is from June 11th to June 12th, 2014.

Final Roster – Enter the evaluation date, performance rating and recommended increase for each employee on the Final roster. The new step, percentage increase and new salary rate will be generated automatically. The Final Roster is open for departmental entry from June 13nd through June 19th.


         Performance Rating Codes

1 = Demonstrates a high degree of expertise and mastery in all aspects of the position in a professional manner

2 = Fully performs the entire range of duties in a professional manner

3 = Generally performs essential duties satisfactorily

4 = Does not perform essential duties in a satisfactory manner

X = No performance evaluation was done. Equivalent to Satisfactory rating (3)

Recommended Step Increase

Enter increase of 1 or 2 steps, based on most recent date of hire: 

Most Recent Hire Date*

Years of Service

Step Increase

7/7/1994 thru 07/06/2004

10 but less than 20 years


7/6/1994 and earlier

20 years or greater


* Most Recent Hire Date information is available on the employee’s name link on the merit roster (and also on the employee’s IGEN screen in PPS).

DEADLINE – Departmental entries on the Final Roster must be completed by:  3:00 p.m., June 19th.

Control Points may review rosters from Monday, June 11th through June 12th.

Increases will be uploaded into PPS after a final review by Human Resources, scheduled for Thursday evening, June 19th.

PPS FREEZE –Remember that there is a PPS Employee DataBase (EDB) “freeze” for this group of employees from 5:00 p.m. June 13th until approximately June 20th. Please wait until you receive the PPS listserv announcement ending the freeze before resuming regular PPS EDB activity on these employees.  

Positive Time Reporting – IF you report positive time on any of these merit-eligible employees, please wait until the merit updates are completed.

Questions? Contact Amy Arnold at Ext. 4068 (

Thank you!

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