General Reminder Concerning Staff Leave Requests Due to Natural or Other Emergencies

Thursday, May 15 2014

TO:      Campus Community
FR:      Cynthia Seneriz (on behalf of Tricia Hiemstra), Human Resources
RE:      General reminder concerning staff leave requests due to natural or other emergencies  

The Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the Miguelito Canyon fire. Updates on the status of the fire containment are also available on the Santa Barbara County Fire Department website.  In response to the current situation, and in anticipation of possible future wildfire episodes in the coming months, Human Resources is providing guidance to staff employees and supervisors with questions related to leave requests and available resources for those impacted by wildfires.  The following guidance is applicable to requests for time off from work due to natural or other emergencies.    

Staff employees who need to request time off from work to comply with evacuation orders or assist or care for family and friends directly affected by wildfires should coordinate those requests with their supervisors. Staff employees may consider using compensatory time off and vacation leave or request unpaid administrative leave due to natural or other emergencies.   If applicable to their particular circumstance, staff may also utilize sick leave, family and medical leave, and unpaid personal leave consistent with PPSM 2-210 Absence From Work, Section III.F.1. and local procedures for non-represented employees and applicable collective bargaining agreements for represented employees.  When considering employee requests, we strongly encourage supervisors to make every effort possible to help their staff in identifying their available leave options, consistent with policy and collective bargaining agreements. 

Our Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP), located in Human Resources, is available to provide counseling and referral services to faculty and staff. For more information, please call John Berberet, M.A. MFT, at 893-3318, during business hours.  For a list of online/community resources, visit the Employee Services webpage on the Human Resources website.

For questions pertaining to staff, contact the Human Resources Office at 893-3166.

For questions pertaining to academic appointments, contact the Academic Personnel Office at 893-3445. 

Thank you.

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