Friday, January 17 2014

To:       To PPS Preparers and Reviewers

From:   Amy Arnold, HR Analyst

RE:      End of CX PPS FREEZE

The EDB Update for the One-Step Merit Increase will take place this evening, January 17, 2014.  The Roster is complete and once the EDB is updated tonight, the EDB freeze for CX employees will be lifted.*  On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, please take a moment to verify that

  1. All eligible employees in your department were included; and
  2. The new rates were updated appropriately for your employees in the EDB.

New rate ranges are available on the TCS  Remember that these rates are effective as of 01/05/2014 for all Non-Exempt/Bi-Weekly Employees AND 01/01/2014 for all Exempt/Monthly employees. For rates through 01/04/2014 AND 12/31/2013 respectively, please use the rates available through the HR website located at

Please note:  Look under the tab labeled “Historical Salary Scales & Grades” for “2013 Salary Scales – Salary Scales as of 12-2-2013.”     

Some employees did not merit a step increase per the eligibility requirements under the CX Contract.  Please refer to the CX Contract located at should you have any questions. 

Other employees were skipped from this process because they did not have a distribution that extended past 01/05/14 (presumed awaiting funding information). These employees need to be manually processed by the department when their distributions are extended. Please use action code “04” (merit increase) and enter the new rate (from TCS - on the new distribution starting either 01/05/2014 OR 01/01/2014.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need further instruction.

For Those Departments on Kronos:

Timekeepers will receive a separate notice detailing instructions for updating the Primary Account Effective Date of employees receiving the step increase. 

Thank you.

Amy L. Arnold

(805) 893-4068


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