Those eligible to join as Regular Members include (a) members of the Academic Senate at UC Santa Barbara or another University of California campus who have retired; (b) non-Academic Senate members with the title of Lecturer with Security of Employment, Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment, Continuing Lecturer or Continuing Senior Lecturer prior to their retirement; (c) Librarian members of the Librarians Association of the University of California at the time of their retirement; (d) professional researchers with the title of Assistant, Associate, or Research _____ at the time of retirement.

Associate Members are (a) spouses or domestic partners of Regular Members, (b) surviving spouses and domestic partners of Regular Members who died, (c) surviving spouses and domestic partners of former Academic Senate members who died in service while eligible to retire; or (d) those who held regular faculty; positions of comparable status at other universities.

Honorary Members are retired persons whose dedication, commitment, and leadership at UC Santa Barbara have significantly enriched the substance of and/or contributed positively to the academic goals of UC Santa Barbara and/or the Emeriti Association. They must be nominated for membership by the UCSB Emeriti Association Board.