Managers & Supervisors

Time & Attendance

As a manager, a critical function of your role is insuring that employees time and attendance is properly tracked and recorded. The following resources can help you understand the options and keep track of employee’s time and attendance, including alternate and reduced schedules, as well as manage paid and unpaid time off. We also have a catastrophic leave program available for employees in special circumstances.


As a manager or supervisor, you are responsible for reviewing and approving your employee’s time reports, either online (KRONOS) or using paper timecards if your department does not use electronic timesheets. Non-exempt employee, those paid on an hourly basis, must account for time in up to 15 minute increments. Exempt employees are salaried and report time on a weekly basis.

Kronos - Most departments use Kronos- the campus’ electronic time management system- to keep track of employee work status, time and attendance, while helping to ensure compliance with pay rules and regulations, leave requests, and applicable University policy and collective bargaining agreements.

If your department is not using KRONOS or your employees do not have access to online timesheets or are unable to use online timesheets for any reason, use one of the following forms to record and report their work hours:

  1. Monthly Timecard for Exempt Employees: use this form for salaried employees.
  2. Biweekly Timecard for Non-Exempt Employees: use this form for hourly employees, temporary employees and work-study students.

Paid Time Off

Generally, all employees may accrue vacation, compensatory time and sick hours to use for paid time off. Employees are also generally eligible for Holiday pay. The amount of paid leave accrued may be determined by the employee’s title/pay plan, percentage of time and the amount of qualified service credit. Specific information on how to calculate paid time off and determine usage of that time is available in the applicable University policy or collective bargaining agreement. The tables in the Useful Links box provide general guidance and assistance for understanding the calculation of paid leaves.

Other Paid Leaves, including those listed below,may also be available.  Please consult the applicable University policy or collective bargaining agreement for eligibility criteria and more information.

  • Administrative Leaves
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Blood Donation
  • Catastrophic Leave
  • Jury Duty
  • Military Leave

Unpaid Time Off

Employees may be eligible for unpaid time off, depending on the applicable University Personnel Policy or collective bargaining agreement.

  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave
  • Parental Bonding Leave
  • Personal Leave of Absence
  • Pregnancy Leave
When the information presented on this web page or elsewhere on this site is in conflict with University policies, procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreements, the terms of those University policies, procedures and agreements shall govern.